ETA to Detour

There’s a void in our city’s leadership and I’m ready to fill it.

Giant ConeCandidate, Mayor of New Orleans

Take a Detour from The S.O.S.

There's another way forward and it begins with Giant Cone.

Why Vote for Giant Cone?

Being the Mayor of New Orleans takes hard work and steadfast resolve, characteristics Giant Cone is intimately familiar with as it has faithfully executed its duties day-in and day-out during its entire career on the streets of our city.

  • Highly visible in the community
  • Always flexible
  • Moves people without saying a word
  • Never stops working
  • Isn't afraid to get dirty
  • Street tough
  • Will never take money
  • Larger than life presence
  • Communicates well
  • Current on taxes
  • Respected across all party, gender, race, and religious lines

Poll of Leading Candidates

Conducted yesterday. Margin for error +/- 100.
Giant Cone78%
Small Dead Bird in Gutter at Carrollton and Canal11%
Covid Delta5%
LaToya Cantrell (incumbent)3%
Edwin Edwards3%

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Giant Cone for Mayor of New Orleans

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Giant Cone Heads

“Giant Cone is on the job until it is done. That’s the kind of leadership we need.”

Jarvis Woods

“Giant Cone is highly visible in the community yet never draws attention to itself. It just does its job.”

Sarah Robbins
7th Ward

“Giant Cone actually got a pothole filled in a matter of months. With that kind of breakneck speed, imagine what else it can do for the city!”

Abram Jackson
Mid City